Code Inspection

More than just reading codes. Visual adjustment aid and precise error analysis.
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Intelligent 1D and 2D Code Inspection

Inspection system SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC is used for inspecting one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes and is equipped with intelligent cameras. The code inspection system is mainly installed in the pharmaceutical industry on production lines and evaluates imprints of 1D and 2D codes with exceptionally high reading performance. The optionally available control unit includes a SPS to enable an upgrade to an existing system.


Whether DataMartix, Barcode or Crypto Code - Versatile Application Areas for Code Inspection 1 DC / 2 DC

Examinable objects:
  • Labels
  • Package insert
  • Folding Boxes
  • Blister cover foils
1D Codes:
  • EAN 8, EAN 13
  • Code 32, Code 39, Code 128
  • Interleaved 2/5
  • DataBar
  • Pharmacode
2D Codes:
  • DataMatrix
  • Russian Crypto Code


Highlights of SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC

  • All common codes are read, including China E-Coding
  • Reads up to 80 DataMatrix and 150 barcodes per second
  • The error analysis allows for an improvement of the coding
  • Very high reading speed, as only relevant areas are read
  • Display of results from all code readers in one window
  • Available in different designs for specific needs


Code Inspection at High Speed with Reliable Evaluations

The code readers are available in both VGA resolution and high resolution. Up to 80 DataMatrix and over 150 barcodes per second can be read with the code inspection system SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC. This system is characterised by its exceptionally high reading speed. It is based on a short image acquisition time, as only the really relevant part of the entire image defined via the reading window is read. The fast image transmission via a Fast Ethernet connection also has an effect.

Despite the high reading speed, the readers recognise the codes regardless of the rotational position and transport direction of the test object and are therefore able to reliably inspect even at high transport speeds of up to 8 m/s.


Software Features for Easy System Operation

The software enables the operator to implement the evaluation and improve productivity even without prior knowledge of codes.  Standard criteria are stored for all code types, but these can be adapted if required.

The full range of all currently available technologies is available for integrating the network-compatible SIGNUM read heads into the user interface: From a W-LAN laptop to a dedicated touch terminal to shared use as part of a line operating concept for full integration.

The software automatically includes the quiet zone that must be around a code so that it can be read reliably. It is also visualised. The serial code evaluations are also visualised, so that errors which occur in the interval are detected.

The evaluation of incorrect codes shows their deviation exactly, so that these are improved and further ejections are avoided.


Different Variants of Hardware

The code readers are available in various designs. Due to the compact design, the remote sensor head, available with front or side optics, is often installed.

The associated control unit can be mounted flexibly at any position in the system.


Technical Data

Please find the technical data in the PDF: Download