System Solutions for Packaging Machines

The quality of the systems is the top priority for scanware. To be able to guarantee this, software development and the selection and development of hardware go hand in hand.

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  SIGNUM   Code Inspection

Ring Code Inspection

SIGNUM CL is a high-resolution colour image processing system for inspection of packaging materials such as ampoules, vials and syringes on packaging and labelling machines to exclude incorrect products and undermixing with foreign products.

Further information on Ring Code Inspection (CL)


Code Inspection

SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC is a system for the inspection of codes. The intelligent cameras evaluate imprints of 1D and 2D codes with exceptionally high reading performance.

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Print Inspection

SIGNUM HR is a powerful greyscale system as a complete solution for inspection of the printed image (OCR/OCV) on packaging materials in the ongoing packaging process. It is equipped with the recognition performance, range of functions and operating comfort of a modern image processing system.

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