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scanware Inspection of Minimal Powder Dosages

After successful inspection of inhaler powders, scanware electronic GmbH offers its SPECTRA 3D system with software tailored to dry powders with precise evaluation of doses as small as 20mg.

The leader of product inspection systems for the pharmaceutical market has solved problems of density. An elaborate algorithm calculates the filled volume within the pockets. Due to tolerances set, this volume is very precise and all deviant pockets are rejected. Possible powder stains on the sealing area are detected by SPECTRA HR. This proves an excellent solution for small dosages as these cannot be picked up by checkweighers.

The 3D system, introduced in 2006, uses laser technology and a corresponding camera to scan topographical information of the blister. The 3D data is interpreted as greyscale topography and shows the product filling plastically and in colour. Unlike pills and other countable units, powder is never fed in a standard position – usually the powder is dosed as a pellet and crumbles upon touching the pocket. The subsequent variety of patterns cannot be analysed by standard software. The algorithm developed by scanware calculates the overall product volume and includes potentially locked air. This process is unique on the market of pharmaceutical inspection systems and shows the pioneering spirit of scanware.