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User Report: Contract Packager Klocke on Track & Trace

Flexible Track & Trace

Contract manufacturer and packager Klocke has found a solution for Track & Trace demands for their site in Weingarten, Germany. For months now, two scanware units have been operating in their packaging lines – to great success.

The EU directive set to increase packaging security poses a challenge to contract packagers. Since this directive does not proscribe a norm, Klocke Verpackungs-Service GmbH needs to be open to a number of possible solutions: serialisation under GS-1 and PPN, tamper-evidence-labels, gluing and use of void-seals. To offer their customers full flexibility, a highly flexible system is called for. A German producer was the first to request Frenchcode prints on their boxes. The sheer number of Track & Trace systems on the market makes close evaluation necessary. For Klocke, the main point in favour of any unit was its faculty to be used in more than one line. Also, the investment had to be future-proof: until any common standard has been established, a unit that can do both GS-1 and PPN is the right call to prevent recurring investment costs.

Klocke chose the Track & Trace unit SIGNUM TT by scanware electronic GmbH. The compact station can be rolled forth and easily moved to an entirely different line. By their request, scanware developed the station adjustable in three dimensions so it fits any given line. “Pull three plugs and off you go”, describes Rüdiger Hüllenberg, Klocke Team Leader PTK-Support. Thus, the station can be used in any of the 15 lines at Weingarten with minimum effort. Depending on the layout of the line, devices need to be moved. In worst cases, this takes up to an hour. For the moment, Klocke covers all pharmaceutical lines with two additional units and costs are spread over the whole packaging device pool. Due to rising demand, further units shall be integrated swiftly.

The print using Wolke and the inspection thereof using SIGNUM HR minimise product rejects. The font can be continually improved by simple additional tech-ins, lowering the reject numbers even further.

Handling the station is just as simple: after a short introduction, operators are already able to teach-in new formats due to the self-explanatory menu. With a large font such as at Klocke, this usually takes just five minutes. Customers also have inquired after serialisation. This is a mere matter of a software update to be able to print and verify individual codes on each box.
Klocke is perfectly satisfied with the unit: thanks to compact size, flexibility and user-friendly software, it is the perfect solution for contract packaging. Future requirements can be fulfilled with only a software update. Considering the promising future of tamper-evidence-labels, the corresponding unit is already available at scanware – of course flexible on wheels.