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Just the right dash of new - SPECTRA HR

Concerning product inspection in the pharmaceutical industries, scanware is presenting a number of improvements for the high-resolution colour inspection system SPECTRA HR.

The system now features a filtering function for reference and draft formats. This speeds up teach-ins, particularly for producers with a large product variety.

For medical strips, an alternative form of administration of active agents as a strip which quickly dissolves on the tongue, scanware has developed a software for the recognition of print on the strips. Since the product fills almost the entire area under inspection, but the actual object is the small print, it is now possible to define the object as the opposite of the background. This, the colour of the strip can be marked as the background colour. The remaining area consequently is defined as object colour – manual selection of the object is no longer necessary.

There are also improvements for products that are more common. Rare colours caused by reflections are automatically removed from the specified colour cluster thanks to a new statistical method. This is a lot more comfortable than manually selection using a magnifying tool.

Also, the usage of already read images has been expanded. Pictures of the previous teach-in can be used for another teach-in, for example when it has been aborted due to wrong input. Since no new images need to be made, no further rejects are caused. Furthermore, users can always view all images taken for teach-ins. This enables them to compare colours directly, optimising teach-ins.

And another neat tool will be introduced at Fachpack, Nuremberg: The lane view has been expanded from 12 to up to 500 inspection results schematically displayed. This makes it very easy to spot consecutive error.