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Single Tablet Inspection for Deblistering

For recovery of sealed products, scanware electronic GmbH has built an Inspection Station. The unit seperates the deblistered products, inspects them and ejects erroneous products. For this, the Colour Product Inspection system SPECTRA CL is utilised.

Particularly with large blisters, the recovery of products by deblistering is a crucial step in increasing efficiency. In order to detect the faulty products and to prevent a repeated ejection of a blister, every single tablet needs to be inspected. For RBP Bauer, scanware has constructed an inspection station to inspect deblistered products. Firstly, they are moved one-by-one onto a slide by a bowl feeder. Parallel to the slide, a camera with integrated illumination captures an image of every single tablet. Furthermore, the illuminated area is equipped with mirrors so the sides of the tablet can be inspected. After the inspection with SPECTRA CL, good products drop into a box whereas bad products are ejected by a trapdoor and can be removed.