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Successfully implemented automation of printer setup and format teach-in via PDF file for cover foils.  

Bickenbach, November 25, 2019: DoD (Drop-on-Demand) printer technology opens up new production possibilities. The function ”Teach-in via PDF” automates the setup of the printer and the teach-in of the SIGNUM HR code control system. This implementation was successfully used in customer projects and implemented.

The manual teach-in of formats and setup of the printer requires knowledge from the user and costs production time. scanware enables customers to work more easily and quickly by automatically teaching the format and setting up the printer through a PDF file.

The responsible person for the order creates an order-related data summary and stores it on the customer server. The job start is triggered by the operator at the machine. A superior Level 2 system (line manager IMPERA) makes the required job data available to the printer via a printer controller and the SIGNUM HR code inspection system.

The order data consists of a PDF file and variable data specified by the customer. The PDF file contains graphic elements (e.g. logo) and defines its placement and that of the variable data. Variable data consists of texts (e.g. LOT, MFD or EXP) or codes (e.g. DataMatrix or Code 128) and, in contrast to graphic elements, changes with each job.

The DoD (drop-on-demand) printing technology allows the customer to change jobs quickly. A blank film is printed directly on site based on a PDF template.

After successful printing, the SIGNUM HR print control system automatically locates the areas to be checked using the PDF file. Image elements are checked with the evaluation type ”Presence” and the variable job-related texts with OCR. The contents of DataMatrix and barcodes are read and compared with the job data.

This new function minimises the time required for the teach-in process. Camera and printer have the same reference data, which increases safety. Also, input errors by the user are no longer possible. If a format that has already been taught-in is to be used in a new job, only the new variable data needs to be transferred here. A new teach-in is not necessary.

Further information about our code inspection system can be found on our homepage.


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