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SPECTRA – New Software Features for More Security and Reproducibility 

Bickenbach, Germany, 15/04/2019: The safety requirements for processes and products are particularly high in the pharmaceutical industry. With new software features for format management and colour import for the product controls SPECTRA CL and SPECRA HR, scanware electronic GmbH pays tribute to these high requirements

A 3-step format management consisting of design format, reference format and production format has been developed. Different access rights are assigned to these three formats.

Design format: They are used for the teach-in and can only be loaded by users with special authorization. If a teach-in is completed, a reference format can result.

Reference format: These are released design formats. The approval process consists of two stages and requires approval from the quality assurance and technical departments. The user at the line can only load reference formats. This ensures that a qualified condition is always used as the basis for evaluation.

Production format: The production format was developed in order to be able to deal with batch-dependent deviations in product or film. With the production format, the user can adapt a reference format within the format parameter limits. These adjustments are documented in the log file and can only be applied to the current order. If a new batch is filled, the user can again only access reference formats.

Another new feature is regarding the colour assignment table. With the same lighting settings, colour information can now be imported from an existing format during teach-in. This colour import is possible for product, background and foreign colours. A product colour can not only be imported as a product colour, but also as a foreign colour or background colour. The same applies to the other format colour categories. This feature is very helpful if, for example, a product in different batches is filled in blisters with a different number of pockets or if the products are very difficult to separate in terms of colour.

"It is important for our customers to be able to implement these requirements as cost-effectively as possible. In addition to fast and reproducible format changes, which have long been known from scanware, these software features open up a new dimension in terms of security and monitoring on the line," explains Michael Gerber, General Sales Manager at scanware electronic GmbH. "Batch-dependent adjustments are tracked separately and the qualified original state is used again and again. In addition, the use of colour information from other formats helps to achieve even faster teach-in processes and significantly reduces the risk of mix-up, since even products with very similar colours can be defined directly as third-party products."



Selection of the colour to be imported as a foreign colour.