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IMPERA - Flexible Line Management System for the Packaging Line 

Bickenbach, Germany, 01/04/2019: Pharmacists and contract packagers face numerous challenges when processing serialized data. With IMPERA, scanware electronic GmbH offers a highly efficient and adaptable line management system with which the handling of serialized data can be optimized in terms of costs, quality and security.

Same same but different - this description seems accurate when you look more closely at the demands and challenges faced by pharmacists and contract packagers around the world. What they all have in common is an increasing degree of automation, increased packaging efficiency and a larger volume of data. Depending on the customer, location and packaged product, however, the individual process flows differ from each other. A standard product for control technology cannot do justice to this situation. With IMPERA's GAMP-compliant software architecture, on the other hand, common as well as individual requirements for the packaging process can be covered

“IMPERA is a software solution specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry that covers global serialization requirements and can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines,” explains Dirk Schneider, head of development at scanware. “Thanks to the modular structure, we have created a comprehensive platform on which hardware and software components can be flexibly combined according to customer requirements.”

IMPERA advantages at a glance:

  • User-defined operating concept: The user interface can be configured so that only those functions are displayed to the employee that he or she needs to work in his or her area.
  • Industry 4.0: The database model of IMPERA is designed to capture, store, distribute, analyse and visualize very large amounts of data.
  • Real-time processes: The process handler takes over decentralized communication and data handling in real time. This allows data to be exchanged between components defined in groups without placing a burden on the network and the central event manager, which controls and monitors the serialization and aggregation processes.
  • Configurable release processes: Configurable release processes are available to our customers: whether single-stage, multi-stage or role-based releases.


Overview: IMPERA communication with the packaging line