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SIGNUM HR Software Feature minimizes cost-intensive false ejection 

Bickenbach, Germany, 22/01/2019: The ejection of faultless products during print image inspection is associated with high costs for pharmacists and contract packagers. This is mostly due to deviating size tolerances and system settings that have not been optimally adapted to the respective measuring task. A new software feature for SIGNUM HR now supports the user in optimizing parameters and settings.

SIGNUM HR has a comprehensive software for use in the packaging line. The selection of parameters and settings for the calculation of sizes is therefore very extensive. Therefore, the decision which adjustments are to be made in the event of incorrect ejection is not easy to make for every user. The new software feature now supports the user in this decision. All relevant parameters and settings for the cause of the false ejection are recognized by the software and displayed to the user. The user can now decide for himself which of the suggested parameters or settings he wants to adjust. He is guided step by step through the menu. Once the adjustment has been completed, production can continue with the optimized parameter setting.

"High user convenience and an excellent user experience were central goals in the development of the LYNXSIGNUM HR software," explains scanware R&D manager Dirk Schneider. "Thanks to the intuitive menu navigation the new software feature is easy to use even for users without in-depth knowledge of the software. That makes working on the packaging line much easier. It saves valuable time, reduces the risk of application errors and ensures a safe and economic packaging process."



Left: The active area for LOT and EXP is not aligned correctly, right: The user has corrected the position of the mask