30 Years of Excellence

With 30 years of experience, scanware is a partner trusted by leading companies around the world. Open communication with customers and the promotion of our employees is a central element in this respect. International cooperation enables a lively exchange of ideas and thus guarantees that our developments are always up to date.
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scanware electronic GmbH is a privately owned company operating on an international scale. As an independent manufacturer we specialise in the development of inspection systems for quality control on packaging lines for the pharma, cosmetics and food industries. Since 30 years, scanware products have been tailored to the needs of producers, are highly specialised and compliant to GMP regulations. More than 3.000 installations around the globe have gained us a reputation as a supplier of high-end technology to all major producers.


scanware electronic GmbH is one of the German companies that have signed the "Charter of Diversity". The Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is the patron.

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    Over 30 Years of Excellence

Since the foundation in 1989, scanware has set the benchmark to others more than once – from the introduction of W-LED to the numerous specialist applications. Find a timeline of our milestones below.

1989 - Die Gründung 1990 - The first blisterinspection station 1993 - First colour blister inspection 1999 - Homegeneous illumination W-LED 2000 - First Pore Detection Unit  2003 - New generation of colour systems 2005 - First print inspection system (OCR/OCV) 2006 - Birth of the code readers 1 / 2 DC 2007 - New Ring Code Inspection System 2007 - First Track & Trace application 2008 - World innovation 3D inspection 2011 - Safe inspection of bulkware 2012 - First Mark & Verify-Station 2012 - Multi camera systems - JAPAN Qualität 2013 - First special application for powder inspection 2014 - First Case Inspektion 2016 - First Tramper Evidence solution 2016 - First combination of Tamper Evidence und Mark & Verify-Kombination 2017 -  New Bundle inspection staion 2017 - scanware new Mobile Base Station for manual aggregation 2017 - IMPERA software for use on packaging lines. 2019 - CURA - The New Preventative System Maintenance