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FachPack 2016 Preview - Tamper-proof Sealing

Further system development

We have further developed our tamper evidence station LYNX-CAPA TE at which folded boxes are sealed with a tamper-proof label. The new solution can be integrated into the packaging line as a stand-alone station or can be combined with our LYNX-CAPA MV (Mark & Verify). At the station LYNX-CAPA MV folded boxes are printed with 1D, 2D codes or plain text including production data. Afterwards these codes are inspected and verified by our camera system LYNX-SIGNUM HR.

The provided solution makes it possible for our customers to upgrade existing track & trace stations and to include our sealing system as an additional component in the entire process.


Both stations have a compact, movable and robust design and can therefore be easily integrated into existing packaging lines.

Labels for sealing can be placed with a precision of 0.5 mm. UV sensors inspect presence of labels. Optional UV cameras can be installed to inspect position of labels as well. Also optional is labelling from above e.g. Bollini.

Tool-free adjustment on folding box sizes from min. 15 x 15 x 60 mm and max. 220 x 120 x 220 mm (WxDxH) is possible. 300 folding boxes per minute can be processed with a transport interval of 50 m.

Further systems at FachPack

We are presenting a further station from our product family LYNX-CAPA our LYNX-CAPA CI for case inspection. At this station the system LYNX-SIGNUM HR inspects a large number of prints and transfers the data to a database. In addition with our DataHandler LYNX-CAPA CI can also be used for aggregation.

LYNX-SPECTRA 3D will also be shown at FachPack. It’s a high-resolution, laser-based image processing system for the inspection of the geometry of packaging material and products to detect distortions, dents and other defects. It allows inspection results which can’t be achieved by traditional image processing systems.

scanware @ FachPack, Halle 4, Stand 331